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Until less than a year ago, GRL BUNNY was a behind the scenes face in the industry. Pouring her heart into writing songs for countless artists and projects, travelling back and forth from London to Los Angeles, putting in her 10,000 hours over the best part of a decade. She grew not just into a songwriter with a unique and confident style, but a creative with her own experiences, vision and artistic point of view.


Ready to share her own voice with the world, in 2021 she teamed up with fellow London based songwriter Emily Phillips and Grammy award winning producer Wayne Wilkins, and GRL BUNNY was born.

As an artist, GRL BUNNY is here to empower herself and others to be the most unapologetic version of themselves. Musically, she's here to catch you off guard in the deepest of your feelings whilst you're busy dancing and singing along to the infectious melodies.

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